16 airline passengers hospitalized after landing in Boston

Sixteen passengers on an American Airlines flight from Miami to Boston, were hospitalized Sunday after landing at Logan International.

The passengers were all members of a school group — 13 students and two chaperones — who had boarded the flight originally in Ecuador and stayed aboard during a layover in Miami.

According to a local Boston NBC subsidiary, the group all reportedly ate lasagna prior to the flight, and it is not believed that they became sick due to anything on the aircraft.

“A group of 16 children and chaperones, part of a 3 group of around 40, felt ill on a flight to Boston,” American Airlines said in a statement. “No other passengers were ill. American requested paramedics to meet the aircraft upon arrival in Boston.”

Boston EMS tweeted about the event saying:

While the Massachusetts Port Authority spokeswoman Samantha Decker did say the symptoms appear mild, the event raised some hairs on social media. “The virus has arrived,” one person tweeted. “!!!” said someone else.

Airlines do have protocol for medical emergencies, and flight attendants are trained in CPR and to recognize serious medical conditions. If the situation is urgent, flights will make an emergency landing to get the passenger to immediate medical care. In this instance, the flight landed at its scheduled destination of Logan International.

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