This crafty, creative holiday gift lets kids try their hand at fashion design

Sisters Naiah and Elli love to review the hottest toys that kids are buzzing about on their YouTube channel, which boasts 1.7 million followers. So naturally, Yahoo Lifestyle tapped the sisters to share their top toy picks for the holidays.

Whether your kids are obsessed with crafting dresses for their dolls or just love having fun with bubbles, Naiah and Elli have the perfect gifts for you.

Creativity for Kids Designed by You Fashion Design Studio Kit for the budding fashion designer. (Photo: Hearthsong)

Creativity for Kids Designed by You Fashion Design Studio Kit ($40)

The 50-piece kit, made for kids 9 and older, has everything your budding fashionista needs to sketch and design dresses for dolls. It comes with a mini mannequin, fabrics, ribbons, pins, mini markers, gems, scissors, a fashion sketchbook and more.

“It comes with all the stuff that you can use to make your own dresses for your dolls,” Naiah tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

She adds, “I think this a great gift for the holiday. And for anyone who really likes fashion, this may be the best gift they can get.”

HearthSong Mega Bubble Kit lets kids make bubbles they can actually stand in. (Photo: Hearthsong)

HearthSong Mega Bubble Kit ($55)

What kid doesn’t love bubbles? Elli takes things to the next level with her giant bubble-making pick, which she says is “a really cool gift for the holidays.”

The bubble kit comes with a blow-up “bubble pool” that you stand in, along with a large wand for creating colossal bubbles, and bubble concentrate, which can create up to two liters of bubble solution (use one part concentrate and three parts water to make the bubble solution).

“You can make giant bubbles, and you can put the bubble on you,” Elli tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I love it.”

Adds Naiah, “I like that you can be able to make big bubbles that you’re able to go into. You can make ginormous bubbles and really cool bubbles.”

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