Why the internet can’t get enough of this flawless toupee

Toupees have a seriously bad reputation. In your mind’s eye right now, you are most likely picturing an obvious rug that doesn’t match the rest of its wearer’s hair and looks anything but natural. But what if you just haven’t known that people were wearing really good fake hair?

In between giving very fashion-forward haircuts and wild colors to clients, Rhode Island-based hairstylist Philip Ring has also been giving balding men new hairpieces that look nothing like the stereotypical toupee. What’s more, he manages to convince some of his clients to be open about their hair replacement and let themselves be filmed having it done. This sort of thing used to be a closely guarded secret — even among those whose pieces were glaringly obvious — so that’s kind of a big deal too.

“If you have found my page because of any of my clients that have let me film their process, please give them a big thanks or round of applause for helping me be a trailblazer in removing the stigma from hair replacement,” wrote Ring, who has a piece himself, in an Instagram post last month. “A guy can definitely shave his head if he wants, but if there’s another option, maybe he wants to try it out for a while. I appreciate all of you that take time to comment and share love, and I know I read all the comments, and my clients do [too] so please be kind!”

A video of one of his recent clients made its way to Reddit over the weekend, under the category of “Interesting as f***,” which it turns out is a pretty accurate description of the mesmerizing process. Commenters are fascinated by the video, and some seem to express interest in getting it done themselves. “If someone told me I could look like The Punisher if I wore a toupee, I might be inclined to try it,” wrote Micp.

Another Reddit user, BeautifulMourning1, decided to share his own positive experience in the comments, writing: “I have been wearing a hair system over a year now when I moved somewhere new for work. No one has noticed a thing. I run every day with it. The glue will dissolve, and I can usually do my own maintenance to glue the front where i have the most lift. I can use the same hair system for a little more than two months. I get it styled and re-glued once a month. I pay around $100 for the piece that lasts at least 2 months (more if you don’t run as much as I do outside) and the. $75 for the hair service every month.”

For stylists who want to get in on this apparently life-changing game, Ring told his Instagram followers that he’ll be getting his own hair done at a “look and learn” in Las Vegas on October 22.

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